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    Microwave Dielectric Ceramic



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    Microwave dielectric ceramics (MWDC) is used in the microwave band (mainly UHF, SHF band, 300MHz ~ 300GHz) as ceramic dielectric materials and complete one or more functional circuits, at home and abroad in recent years on the research field of microwave dielectric material with a hot direction. This is mainly to adapt to the development needs of microwave mobile communications.

    Microwave dielectric ceramics
    The utility model is mainly used for microwave components such as resonators, filters, dielectric antennas, dielectric wave guides and the like. Can be used in mobile communications, satellite communications and military radar, etc.. With the development of science and technology change rapidly, the rapid increase of information quantity, and people's requirements for wireless communication, satellite communication and satellite broadcast television microwave communication system has become the inevitable trend of the development of communication technology.

    Application of microwave materials in civil field
    This makes the microwave materials and the gradually increasing demand in the civilian side, such as mobile phone, car phone, cordless phone, cellular mobile communication and satellite broadcast television and other new applications. In mobile phones, for example, in 2004 China's annual sales of 64 million mobile phones, and China's mobile phone market will grow at an annual rate of 20%, in the next year will reach sales of 100 million units. It can be seen that the microwave dielectric ceramics have great development space and market in the commercial application.

    (L) miniaturization
    (high dielectric constant R). It is well known that the miniaturization, high stability and low cost of microwave devices are the integration of microwave circuits. In the process of microwave circuit integration, the metal waveguide has realized the integration of planar microstrip, and the microwave tube has realized miniaturization. However, because of the volume and the weight of various metal resonators in the microwave circuit, it is difficult to integrate with the microstrip circuit. It is known that the size of the resonator is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant of the dielectric material. Therefore, the larger the dielectric constant of the dielectric material, the smaller the dielectric ceramic block and the smaller the size of the resonator. Therefore, microwave dielectric ceramics with high dielectric constant material is conducive to miniaturization of microwave dielectric filter, the filter with microstrip line microwave tube, a microwave integrated circuit hybrid, the device size reached millimeter, its price is much lower than the metal cavity. General requirements >1O.

    high stability
    (close to zero frequency temperature coefficient f). The working temperature of the communication device cannot be fixed. If the resonant frequency of the microwave dielectric material changes with the temperature, the carrier signal of the filter will drift at different temperatures, which will affect the performance of the equipment. This requires that the resonance frequency of the material can not change too much with the temperature. The actual temperature range is approximately 40 DEG -+100 DEG C, in this range, the frequency temperature coefficient of material f is not more than l0ppm/ DEG C. At present, the temperature coefficient of microwave dielectric ceramics can be used as high as 0 ppm/, which can achieve high stability and high reliability.

    Low loss
    (high quality factor Q). One of the important requirements of the filter is the low insertion loss and the dielectric loss of the microwave dielectric material is one of the main factors that affect the dielectric filter insertion loss. Q value of microwave dielectric material is inversely proportional to dielectric loss tand. The larger the Q value, the lower the insertion loss of the filter.

    Application of microwave dielectric ceramics
    At present, microwave dielectric ceramics has been in portable mobile phone, car phone, cordless telephone, satellite TV receiver, military radar etc. is used widely in manufacturing microwave dielectric filter and resonator, is playing an increasingly important role in miniaturization, modern communication tools integration process.

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    98, ceramic film and manufacturing method, ferroelectric capacitor and its manufacturing method
    99, ceramic and its manufacturing method, and dielectric capacitor, semiconductor device and component

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